So… I’m Back!

So it’s been a while… maybe 2 years actually since I’ve blogged. Bad writing I know! In all honest truth I just didn’t know what to write for you all. I didn’t want to ramble on moaning on and on so now I’ve decided to change things up a bit. {Insert cheesy smiley face here} I’m not going to moan on and on about Fibromyalgia and my struggle, although I will be mentioning it from time to time. This time round I am gonna let you all get to know me… What I like, what I don’t like, what I get up to. Just my general life. 

So since I last posted I’ve passed my driving test. {Woo!} It’s given me so much more independence to my life and has actually made me so happy and given me such a confidence boost. I tried and worked so hard to learn and get through my theory test as fast as I could so I could do my practical test and i sailed through it with flying colours.

I’ve been working to do some self study courses but that is all in the pipeline at the moment, as I can’t quite decide what course to do. So if any of you out there have done self study at home and have any tips for me don’t hesitate to comment. 

I’ve also been feeling alot better with myself, I’ve been eating alot better. My diet overall could be changed entirely and I plan to. I’ve been looking in to a non-carb diet, so I’ve been building up lots of recipes. My only problem is on the go snacks…I love things like Alpen bars and yoghurt flakes. But we all know they are packed with carbs. So I’m looking for alternatives, or if you guys know any alternatives yourselves, drop a little comment below because I would really appreciate it. Really, you have no idea, haha! 

So that’s just a small {very small} catch up on what I’ve been up to and how I’ve been doing. And if you’d like me to write about any topics, just let me know below. 

Thank you for reading, stay strong and remember take one step at a time. 


Long Time No See!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I’ve had good reason trust me! A lot of things have happened, some for the good and some for the bad…well not for the bad but not so good things have been happening. I’ve had the blogging world on my mind constantly and wanting to write but with one thing or another I’ve not had the chance to. I may still be a newbie to blogging but I’ve already got to know some wonderful and interesting people and I look forward to getting to know more of you.

So I guess you’re wondering what’s been going on these past few months. Well…of course I’ve been backwards and forwards to the doctors (general follow ups etc), I’ve seen a couple of specialists too. I’ve seen a Neurologist about my severe migraines and I’ve seen a Rheumatologist about my suspected arthritis. I’m still undergoing tests in regards to the arthritis subject as results so far have come back clear, I don’t have arthritis but my hands, knees and feet are still swelling and I’m in a lot of pain with it, so that’s still under investigation.

Christmas was quiet and lovely, I was so spoilt by family and friends and my boyfriend, I really didn’t expect even half of the things I got for Christmas, so I was a very lucky girl Christmas 2013!! New Year went out with a bang (so to speak), I brought in the New Year with my boyfriend and a few friends at the local pub, it was packed as always, it’s great little pub attracts the young and the old and we all had a great time, although I was pretty gutted I was stuck sat in the corner all night and not being able to have a dance and dance the New Year in but it was still an enjoyable night all the same and it’s gave me more memories to look back on.

One mission between my mum and myself was for us to move house in 2014 especially to get a house more suitable for my needs. We’ve been on waiting lists with various housing associations for some time now. Mid February 2014 we got told there was a bungalow (GREAT!! All on one level, great for my needs!!) ready for us to move in to, it is situated not too far from where we lived but in a quiet little village. Fantastic! “When can we get the keys?!” asked my mum so impatiently! haha But soon enough we got the keys and we moved in on the 15th February 2014 and it was great! I had my own space, in fact my bedroom must be three times the size of my old bedroom! Put it this way in my old house it felt like my bedroom was like Harry Potter’s “bedroom under the stairs”! So its great to have my own space now and each room is bigger compared to the ones in our previous house, its great! I do know the area as I used to live at the nearby village a few years back also so its not like I’ve got to a totally strange place. My new doctor seems nice enough too although I was really gutted to say bye to my last doctor because she did so much for me as she was the one who finally managed to get me a diagnosis etc. and she was so understanding and really helped me but hopefully this new doctor will be just as nice and just as helpful and I look forward to seeing what she was to say about my condition. (Y’know like a second opinion)

Since I didn’t blog at the New Year, I’m gonna take this chance to list a couple or maybe a few things I’d like from 2014,

– I’d like abit more independence because at the moment I have to rely on someone to be with me all the time because of me falling or feeling faint randomly etc.

– When I get my chance to go to the pain clinic I’d like for something to actually work and be able to have a break from all the pain and then I might not be so tired so often then.

– I’d like Fibromyalgia to be known more, I’d like it to get more recognition. Especially doctors, it’s surprising how many doctors are unaware and uneducated about these types of illnesses. Fibromyalgia needs awareness.

– I’d like to take up a hobby, I’ve been trying to think for months now what I could do and what would keep me interested and something that wouldn’t make my fibro worse, so far blogging is the only thing that’s stuck but I’m still finding my feet, y’know finding things to write about.

I’d say those are acceptable and achievable things to get from 2014, don’t you think? Not too much and not too little. 2014 I will be concentrating even harder on my health, trying to find ways and treatments to help reduce pain and fatigue and then maybe I can start to get my old life back. I do realise that I’ve got this thing for life but I’m not gonna sit back and veg about I’m gonna fight it one step at a time.

Thank you for reading, stay strong and remember take one step at a time 🙂